Elli Papakonstantinou and her company ODC Ensemble are based at their own venue, Vyrsodepseio (VYRSO) - the biggest tannery of the Balkans in the 19th century. The company transformed it into a multi- stage, versatile space for contemporary performing arts.
Vyrsodepseio is a cultural space dedicated to contemporary art. It is a 2 level building with versatile multi-stages, meeting rooms and working spaces situated in the post-industrial undeveloped area of Votanikos, at the center of Athens.
Vyrsodepseio is a grass root project and a vibrant cultural cell that helps drastically to the growth of innovative, hybrid art. Vyrsodepseio is an experiment on how to produce art in “difficult times”, an evolving project of synergies and co-operations.While planning a rich weekly program, it is also a virtual platform of networking between artists and activists, international organizations and individual artists.

Site-specific performances/theatre/dance, artists in residency, support new dramaturgy, live music, festivals, seminars and educational programs, visual arts/exhibitions, community and activist projects, media, clubs, etc.

Former use
Vyrsodepseio has been the largest tannery in the Balkans in the 19th century and has been claimed as a preserved building from the Ministry of Culture (all activities run under the auspices of the Greek Ministry of Culture).

Artist Network
YRSODEPSEIO is an independent space for the arts, for artists/ by artists. VYRSODEPSEIO is an old tannery, a space, where animal skin was torn off. The art produced there, tries to keep that tradition alive.

In times, when Greece has become a project, -an experiment, -a work in progress (progress? - or regress?), our work is inevitably an experimental project in progress...

VYRSODEPSEIO is a pool of people, who work together, and then part. People from different disciplines (theatre, music, dance, fine arts, film/video, literature, architecture and also politics). The common ground to work together is the space, - the old tannery – and also the effort to find new ways to produce independent art. The MC of VYRSODEPSEIO (MC =Master of Ceremony), the person who connects it all is Elli Papakonstantinou. - Artists come and go, the MC stays. As people go, come back, go again or stay, gradually a "group" is forming. VYRSODEPSEIO itself is an experimental project in progress...

(-of course we have!)
- to work together with others and create a frontline of new aesthetics - in other words: to do what we want.
- to create a network of artists, to become a collectivity, to gather more groups  - in other words: to be strong.
- to have the ability, to point out social structures, habits, political situations, which we want to change
- to have artistic articulation  - in other words: to be heard, be seen.
- to become so strong and independent, that we can do what we want and still be heard and seen  - in other words: to become famous and rich.
  • Ground floor, space 2

  • First floor, space 1

  • First floor, space 2

    photo © Mariza Papadimitriou
  • Ground floor, space 3

    photo © Alex Kat
  • Aspects of the building.