Doc(K) Artistic Residency


An increasing number of people experience art works, flms, music, theatre etc, online. In many cases this is because it is impossible to experience them frst hand, in their physical form. Therefore they have to be transcribed on screen through documentation. How can the artist work within these boundaries to best represent and communicate what his or her work is about? 

Doc(K) is an artist residency focusing on the idea of using documentation as an art form. The residency is addressed to artists from all art forms, fne art, theatre, music, dance, graphic or media. Doc(k) will introduce participating artists to the Athenian art scene and at the same time we will create together the metadata of their projects. The team of Doc(K) residency documents the process and the fnal work of the participants and explores the idea of documentation as a new way of relating with the fnal work. Doc(K) will conclude in 2017 with the show “Doc(K)umenting”, presenting all participating artists from Doc(k) International Art Residency Program.

The selected artists will have the chance to live and work in Athens and to participate in weekly activities such as talks, meetings with curators, exhibition tours and workshops. 

Participants are also encouraged to propose talks and workshops, and to experience the Athenian art scene. Doc(K) International Art Residency Program encourages professional development, artistic exchange and international contacts.
The support, networks and creative environment offered by us, provide an opportunity for artists to interact, learn, research and experiment with new works, materials, and concepts.

What is offered :
- Housing in our 6th floor spatious sunny flat  in the centre of the city.
- Rehearsal  space 30 square metres within the flat
- Opportunity to propose workshops and talks
- Curatorial support through one-to-one meetings
-  Weekly brainstorming sessions with the team of Doc(K)
- Introduction to the Athenian art scene
- Open studio event at the end of the residency to introduce the visiting artist to the public
- Participation on the show Doc(K)umenting in 2017

The International Art Residency Program will take place in Athens.
Residencies can last from one week to three months. 

Applications should be emailed to with the subject 'Residency Application' and the following information in a PDF fle:

 A cover letter with name, email, address, phone number and nationality, stating the month or months in which you would like to take part in the program
 A statement outlining your research proposal, motivation, what you expect from the residency and what you hope to achieve (300 words max)
 Artist's statement describing your practice and areas of interest in your work (300 word max)
 10 - 20 still images or 2 – 5 videos (total duration of 15 minutes) from recent works with dimensions (where applicable), technique, title and date.
 A CV

There is no application fee.
There is no deadline for the application. We receive applications all year round.
There is a fee for the residency depending on the duration of your stay. For info please contact us mentioning for how long and for which month you are interested in.

The location

Athens is currently a city in the center of attention. It fnds itself at a focal point in history with a society in upheaval and restructuring. The dire circumstances of the crisis have set forth an enormous creative potential, and the fght for survival triggers innovative ideas in realizing projects, organizing thoughts, and new ways of making art.

One of these vibrant creative cells full of open and hidden possibilities is The Flat. The Flat is located in the very heart of Athens. Directly behind the City Hall, 5 minute walk from all three metro lines. Almost next to the oldest and largest open air grocery market,  meat market, or fish market, and markets for anything one might think of, it buzzes with all kinds of people. it bursts with art spaces and studios. short walk to syntagma. 20 minutes from Akropolis.

The residency is also home to ODCensemble office. There are two bedrooms and a spatious living room (its sofa is wide enough it could comfortably be used as a bed). Each room comes with their own keys. There is a big kitchen. A brand new wc and shower since we are in the process of renovating the space.

Artists in Athens are eager to connect with the international art scene, and we will take the time to introduce you and get you acquainted with artists and locations that might be of particular interest to you and your work.

We place  large emphasis on international networking of Greek artists and is engaged in the development of multiple international cooperations. 

Doc(k) International Art Residency Program (curated by Pantelis Makkas) offers the opportunity to experience the city of Athens while in transformation and the resilience of art during financial crisis. Doc(k) International Art Residency Programme is designed for emerging artists wishing to immerse themselves in their work without the strains of everyday life.