Catalan Artists Visiting Greek Artists

Pere Faura
foto: andreüs de gabriel

Vyrsodepseio/Tannery (artistic director Elli Papakonstantinou) plays a leading part at the International Networking of Greek Artists.

Crossborder engagement and cultural co-operation
cav_a: Catalan artists visiting  Greek artists

Vyrsodepseio, a cultural space dedicated to contemporary art, together with Antic Teatre, reference point for cutting edge performance arts in Barcelona and multidisciplinary resource centre devoted to the search for and the creation, production and dissemination of visual and performing arts, are working together as part of the programme cav_a, Catalan artists visiting Greek artists. This will consist of two performances by Catalan artist Pere Faura at Vyrsodepseio and other activities such as meetings with Greek artists and post-performance artist-audience discussions, to take place December 18th and 19th. The second part of the exchange will be held at Antic Teatre in February 2015.
We are working hard for this collaboration to be the first of a series of bilateral exchanges between artists associated with our two centres. Antic Teatre and Vyrsodepseio are both members of the European network of independent cultural centres, Trans Europe Halles (TEH), and together they are developing an artist exchange programme based on research and innovation in performance expression.

This cav_a program is organized by Antic Teatre and Vyrsodepseio, and receives the collaboration of Ajuntament de Barcelona (Barcelona City Council), Departament de Cultura de la Generalitat (Department of Culture of the Autonomous Government of Catalonia and Trans Europe Halles.

This is a cultural exchange programme devised to share, understand and create awareness of contemporary creative performing arts practices in Catalonia, and in return learn about such practices in each host country we visit. By encouraging international cooperation between independent cultural research centres in the field of multidisciplinary arts, we hope to increase cultural perspectives and propagate new forms of creative expression.
The programme aims to stimulate creativity by basing artistic development on exchange and knowledge, bringing Catalan contemporary performing arts creativity onto the international arena, and transcending frontiers. To this end we want to work with other, like-minded centres in direct collaborations on productions, as well as engaging in one-to-one exchanges between artists, cultural organisations, and even cities. Using performances, workshops and training, we will create a channel of information between artists, creators and arts professionals, moving them out of isolation and into the wider community, helping them to meet the changing social, political and professional challenges that face the artist as citizen.

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“Striptease” is a striptease to the theater and to its gaze. A striptease, a performance and a conference, which humoristically and ironically compares the theatrical event with the art of undressing.
What are we expecting to see when we go to the theater? And when do we go to see a striptease? And when do we go to see a theater show called “striptease”?
“Striptease” talks about these expectations; about the mechanism of desire in both conventions; about the seductive relationship between performer and spectator. A spectator, which who’s gaze finally becomes the main protagonist of this striptease.

concept and direction: pere faura
performers: pere faura and demi moore
video: pere faura
music: carlos jobim and annie lenox, mixed by ivo bol
lights: paul schimmel and pere faura
technique: israel quintero
text excerpted from:
- "Undressing the First Amendment and Corestting the Striptease Dancer" by Judith Lynne Hanna
- "Striptease. The Art of Spectacle and Transgression" by Dahlia Schweitzer
- "Narrative Striptease in the Nightclub Era" by Ben Urish
dramaturgical advise: jeroen fabius
duration: 40 minutes
producer: frascati theater, amsterdam
premiere: Frascati Theater, Something Raw Festival, february 2008

Bomberos con grandes mangueras (On fire), by Pere Faura

As an attempt to undress the undressed, the piece re-visits the porn imaginary as a choreographic practice. Following different strategies such as concret re-contextualization or complete abstraction, a dancer practices alone the dual dance par excellence. A masturbation with no loneliness. A striptease to the architecture of plasure, wihch the audience witnesses in that space bewteen being spectator and being voyeur, between the private and the public, between the explicit and the erotic. A naked, sweaty and dirty relfection about the gimnastics of excitement and the physicality of desire.

choreography and permormer: pere faura
music: vivaldi + actors "on fire"
duration: 15 minuts
producer: CUVO - curated by Alex Brahim
premiere: CUVO, Matadero, Madrid, December 11-12, 2010

performance artist

Born in Barcelona in 1980, he studied music in the music school Diaula and in theConservatory of Barcelona for more than 10 years, focused on flute and singing. He studied 2 years as a Theatre Maker in the Institut del Teatre of Barcelona, combining it with ballet and contemporary dance training in Area, espai de dansa i creació.
He studied one year of Media and Communication in Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and he took the one year Master Study in Culture of Peace and Conflict Resolution in that same university. In 2002 he moved to Amsterdam to study choreography at the School for New Dance Development, where he graduated in 2006.
Between 2009 and 2011 he studies at the Amsterdam Master of Choreography at the Amsterdam School of the Arts (AHK).

- AS A DANCER, he has been involved in several projects with choreographers like Jerôme Bel (“The Show Must Go On”), Ivana Muller (“While We Were Holding It Together”) Carolien Hermans (“Do you want to dance with me?”, “The sceptic”, “Body In Bits And Pieces") or Kyrstine Andersen (“WEGO”). In 2006, he was selected to participate in the DanceWeb European Scholarship Program for Contemporary Dance within the Impulstanz Festival in Vienna.

- AS A CHOREOGRAPHER, he started presenting his own work “panoramas, video and dance” (2004), “I belong to your image, sequence of panoramas” (2005) and “solo” (2005), mainly focused on the relationship between dance and video, in different theaters and festivals in Holland and in Spain. His graduation piece “this is a picture of a person I don’t know” (2006) won the ITS Festival Choreography Award and was selected for the Dansclick Holland Tour, and it has been presented in many different international venues all over Europe.

In 2007 he became resident choreographer at the Frascati Theater in Amsterdam, where he created the short movie “watching you” and the solo “discopolis”, which he developed further in Barcelona under the final title “striptease programat”, presented inside the program “Viatges a la felicitat” at the National Theater of Catalunya. At the end of that year he started working on his third solo “striptease”, commissioned by the ITS Festival as part of the Choreography Award 2007. In 2008 he premiered “striptease” in Something Raw Festival, and presented it in many other international venues trough out the year. During the summer,Kalamata Dance Festival in Greece commissioned him a version for three women of “striptease”, which was called “StripteaSeS”. In December he premieres in Amsterdam his first group piece for 5 women called “do you have a cigarette? and other ways of approaching”, a 5 coproduction between Frascati Theater(Amsterdam), La Caldera (Barcelona), Operaestate
Festival (Bassano del Grappa) and Springdance Festival (Utrecht), which was premiered in Frascati WG in December 2008. In 2009 he created the short movie “miratge cromàtic”, produced by Nu2’s(Barcelona) and he started the process of “coser y cantar”, a research on singing and dancing, developed within the project “Pasantías” by Malqueridas(Barcelona), and which will be later premiered in Springdance Festival in Utrecht.
In July, the association Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds (NL) gave him the Charlotte Köhler award, as recognition to his carrier as a young choreographer. In 2010, he continues preseting "coser y Cantar" in different festivals in Spain like MOV-S in Madrid or Terrassa Noves Tendencies. He also creates the performance-installation "los
títulos nunca mueren" together with Iñaki Álvarez, produced and premiered at Festival Escena Poblenou in Barcelona, and the performance "bomberos con grandes mangueras", comissioned by Álex Brahim inside the project "CUVO", presented at Matadero in Madrid. In 2011, he develops his first video-installation “(s)expositions(s)” together with Joan Escofet, as a final project for the Amsterdam Master of Choreography. He also starts the creation of "diari d'accions", the second performative project with Iñaki Alvarez, which tours for different places in Catalunya and Canary Islands. And also he starts making his new solo "dansa real ja!", a colaboration between Festival TNT in Terrassa and La Caldera in Barcelona.
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