a performance about the battle for our basic instincts
Jens Peter Engedal
Jens Peter Engedal
Jens Peter Engedal
Looking for the ultimate happiness? Do you like physical and mental rushes?
Do you always eat the whole bag of chips, all the M & M's and go for the extra burger from McD?
Are you sitting glued in front of your screen, is your Smartphone burning hot and are you constantly checking your Facebook? Do not worry, you are not alone!

– a performance about the battle for our basic instincts

BLISS POINT is a border defying and provocative performance about instant gratification, dependency and brain hijacking.
BLISS POINT is a theatrical dopamine kick commenting on today's consumer culture – in the tension between ecstatic happiness and physical hell!
With the body as a battlefield, we invite you to a tragicomic and absurd universe that poses the question: how far are we prepared to go in the name of economic growth?
With BLISS POINT, Annika B. Lewis continues her long-standing project of breaking the boundaries of what dance and theatre can be, and in the same time putting the modern man under the microscope, in a challenging and entertaining way.

PERFORMANCE: Andreas Constantinou, Lisbeth Sonne Andersen & Annika B. Lewis
MUSIC & VIDEO: Jens Mønsted
LIGHT DESIGN: Morten Ladefoged
SET DESIGN:  Signe Krogh & Annika B. Lewis
COSTUMES: Jeppe Worning & Annika B. Lewis
PHOTO: Mukul Ranjan and Jens Peter Engedal

Produced by Kassandra Production in co-production with Bora Bora.
Supported by Danish Arts Foundation, the Municipality
of Aarhus/Kulturudviklingspuljen and Bikubenfonden

★★★★★ ( 5 stars) to BLISS POINT from, because it goes so much under the skin for the reviewer, that she doesn't know what to say (!)

BLISS POINT opened in May 27- June 4 , 2015, at Bora Bora in Aarhus/Denmark and in 10-11 June 2015 at DFFF/CPH STAGE, DanseHallerne, Copenhagen/Denmark. Toured to: Bologna 1-2 August and Athens 9-10 October and Baltimore 15 – 21 February 16.

Annika B. Lewis / Kassandra Production creates subversive and relevant contemporary performing arts in a skewed and subtle way - combining the trivial with the philosophical, pop art with fine art. Annika's work is characterized by a border-defying and innovative artistic expression. She works with interventions and site-specific locations, as well as in traditional theatre venues.

About Kassandra Production:

Kassandra Production is an artist driven platform for innovative contemporary performing arts, in the intersection of dance, theatre, media and performance art.
Kassandra Production challenges the theatre concepts and creates work is characterised by a strong conceptual and visual outcome - mixing the trivial with the philosophical.
The work is signified by skewed and humorous angles, often with multiple fictional layers and the use of multimedia expressions - in a border defying and complex scenic expression.
Kassandra Production explores new performative spaces, places and concepts. Performances has been set up in private apartments, caravans, fairs, old factories, in the media and on the Internet - as well as in traditional theatre spaces.
Kassandra Production was founded in 1998 by the striking director/choreographer, actress, and performance artist Annika B. Lewis, who is also the artistic director.
Kassandra Production has toured, presented performances and worked with collaboration projects in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Finland, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Latvia, the US, Russia and Belgium.
“Let’s Get Personal is a darkly funny riff on George Orwell’s 1984” - Washington Times

**** ”Like Tears From a Star... It’s howling funny and you have surrender long ago to the to dancers... This is one of those novels you hope to find in a collection, so it’s possible to get more of this kind from the same hand.” - about Displacement
***** “… a tour de force of sensuality; seduced you lean forward in your chair just for short after get thrown back by laughter. You are both wondered and entertained the whole way through.” – Kultunaut about Full body Treatment

”It's wonderful, humoristic, provoking, where the body is both beautiful and ugly, and functions as a faceted expression in this boarder defying dance performance.”
– Terpsichore about Life Hacking

**** "Even if she after two minutes, wet through and shaking by cold, tells us that now the money doesn't last longer...we get value for the money." - Aarhus Stiftstidende

 about Life Hacking
Performances 1998 – 2015:
* BLISS POINT (2015) * GLITCH ON THE ROCKS (2014) * SOFA DIALOGS (2014) * COVER UP (2012) * BUBBLE (2012) * YEAR ACCOUNTANCES (2010) * LET’S GET PERSONAL (2010) * BODY BOX#1 (2009) * TWIST cabaret (2009) * EXTASY (2009) * FULL BODY TREATMENT (2008) * LIFE HACKING (2008) * XpositionREVERSE (2006) * DANCIN’ MADLY BACKWARDS (2006) * LIFE IS FABULOUS (2005) * DISPLACEMENT (2005) * XpositionLAB (2004) * MY HEART IS YOURS (2004) * AURORA BOREALIS (2003) * DELUSION (2003) * The Experiment of choice/LIMBO.03 (2003) * Symposium X (2002) * REAL TIME OPEN DOOR (2000) * Real Time LAB (1999) * A THORN IN THE EYE (1998).

October 9th 21:00
October 10th 21:00