Guerilla Show

Doc(K) and Vyrsodepsio Tannery invites you to a guerrilla presentation on Tuesday the 3rd of November from 19:00 till 23:00.


The presentation includes thirty video works of students from the photography departments of Amsterdam Rietveld Academy and the Academy of Art in Leipzig, who are joining forces in a partnership project concerning Athens.Thirty art students expose their research experience before the actual event, introducing their thoughts and ideas around Athens before the trip and their stay in this city.
The research revolves around the theme '' revolution '' and its aim is the participants to learn from Athens, to experience the city, to observe, to distinguish the elements that inspire each artist separately and then combine them, presenting the experience together.The preparation of this trip, is subject to the understanding and identification of Athens today as part of the wider European framework through the Greeks, their history, politics actuality and culture, and further includes and encourages the individual participants' research about how they believe that this experience will affect their ambitions and how they converge with their personal work.

Βυρσοδεψείο Ορφέως 174
Tρίτη (3/11) 19:00-23:00
Είσοδος Ελεύθερη
τηλέφωνο κρατήσεων:  2103453203
Tuesday (3/11)


free entrance