• International Networking

    Vyrsodepseio/Tannery (artistic director Elli Papakonstantinou) plays a leading part at the International Networking of Greek Artists. Indicatively: Vyrrsodepseio/Tannery is proud to be a full-member of the TEH (Trans Europe Halles) international Network. Trans Europe Halles is a European network of independent cultural centres that brings together about 50 multidisciplinary cultural centres and20 friend organisations all around Europe. As a network, Trans Europe Ha… [...]

  • Past Residencies

    Residency 2014: Juliana Kase and Cadós Sanchez (São Paulo- Brazil) Statement about the process By Juliana Kase and Cadós Sanchez Reliefs- walking through languages started in May 2014 during the Art Residency Program at Vyrsodepseio in Athens, Greece. For both as foreign artists, illiteracy in Greek interrupted our direct access to the local culture, leading us to investigate not only western language restrictions but artistic language… [...]

  • Residencies

                              A unique location/situation in Athens- Vyrsodepseio Athens is currently a city in the center of the attention in Europe. It finds itself at a focal point in history ­ with a society in upheaval and restructuring. The dire circumstances of the crisis have set forth an enormous creative potential, and the fight for survival triggers innovative ideas in realizing projects, organizing though… [...]