They said about us

Steve Dickison, American poet and publisher of the most important magazine of poetry in the US, the "Poetry & Jazz", writes for Vyrsodepseio, his own personal experience and his meetings with interesting people.

"December 27, 2014 at 8:18pm · San Francisco, CA, United States · Edited ·

a fully staged theatrical presentation was going on in the room thru the corridor behind with live orchestra culled from the Athens Symphony — two of the guys from the orchestra, including the trumpeter who appears here, came and sat in with the band; (not on tape, the tenor player who kicked into Coltrane's "Countdown"); multiple performances and installations were happening in the many different rooms and outdoors from this former leather tannery in Athens' old industrial Votanikos neighborhood. charmed evening.."

Pere Faura - Catalan Choreographer

Communication with theater people to prepare and make my performance was always very fluent, cooperative and friendly. {...} The audience appreciated the work of adaptation of the two parts to the space and the little break to go from one space to another.
Different artists tell their own projects work around these issues, we compare, constructively and with great humor with my projects, ended up discussing together a socio-political level, but very interesting on the cultural similarities and differences between us in relation to love, sex, their artistic representations, and its relationship with religion and the history of civilizations. All in all, very inspiring.
Pere Faura. Barcelona 2 January 2015.

Scheherazaad Cooper & Becka McFadden: In residency February 2015

"Working at Vyrsodepseio was a particularly strong experience of all that a residency offers. First there was the building itself, which presented so many different areas for exploration. Having free run of the place meant we could move between spaces: we could work on something technical on the floor we’d laid in the main space we were using, and then step into the greenhouse-like room at the top of the stairs, perhaps initially for a cup of tea, but often we’d end up with some new discovery suggested by that space. The idiosyncrasies of the building meant that to work at Vyrsodepseio was enter into dialogue with the space 
Our time at Vyrsodepseio pushed BackStories into new terrain. "