oδc ensemble

OΔC Ensemble
Formed in 2001, ODC Ensemble is a registered non-profit organisation company based in Athens. It is a creative team of outstanding performers, dancers, musicians and visual artists.
OΔC Ensemble is committed to create engaged Art and to creatively bridge activism and the Arts. The involvement of local communities and volunteers is essential to its artistic work (bringing on stage more than 20 citizens that join forces with professional artists at a time). In the last ten years OΔC Ensemble has produced more than ten performances, received distinctions and awards, has been supported by the Greek Ministry of Culture and the Arts Council (UK).  The company has performed in Greece and internationally.
OΔC Ensemble internationally

The company’s work has been presented internationally at the Edinburgh Festival 2002 (UK), Athens & Epidaurus Festival, the Princeton University (U.S.A.), the Opera House of Cairo (Egypt), the National Theatre of Greece, LaMaMa Theatre NY (U.S.A.), the 1st International Theatre Festival (IRAQ), the Inauguration Ceremony of the Library of Alexandria (Egypt), Chashama Theatre, Times Square, NY (U.S.A.), the International Experimental Theatre Festival of Cairo (Egypt), the International Meetings of Ancient Drama -European Culture Centre of Delphi, the X-Dream Festival (Cyprus), etc.

In particular they have so far presented the following performances:
RICHARD II, by W. Shakespeare (“VYRSODEPSIO”, PREMIERE FEB. 17, 2014- still running),
TOUCHING BOTTOM, by D. Dimitriades (SGT, PREMIERE OCT 23, 2013)
SKIN/DERMA, a performance on T. Hobbe’s LEVIATHAN (‘VYRSODEPSIO’, PREMIERE DEC.12, 2012- DEC. 22 2013), 
“Greece for Sale, capitalism for advanced level” co-produced with THEATERHAUS GESSNERALLEE ZÜRICH (Switzerland),
WOYZECK QUARTET, (ATHENS & EPIDAURUS FESTIVAL, JULY 2012), commissioned by the Athens Festival, co-produced by the Goethe Institute
META, a performance for the end of the world (‘VYRSODEPSEIO’, PREMIERE DEC.13, 2011. Also, presented at the “1ST International Theatre Festival Kourdistan, Iraq),
VICIOUSNESS IN THE KITCHEN, site-specific performance Viciousness in the kitchen, site-specific performance based on the radio play Three women by Sylvia Plath, “Sunergeio Theatre” (10/4/2010-10/5/2010) “Lithografeio” theatre, city of Patras. The performance was repeated in Athens, at «Vyrsodepseio» November 2010 and ‘X Dream Festival’, Cyprus.
Ma vie De Chandelles, by Fabrice Melquiot M.Kakoyiannis Foundation, Athens, prod. French Institute and “Low Budget Festival” (2012)
ODC (Homer’s Odyssey) narrating the whole of Odyssey. Presented at “XIV International Meeting of Ancient Drama, European Cultural Centre of Delphi”, (7/7/2009), “Homereia”, Xios  (7/8/2009), “Αeschyleia”, Eleusina (7/9/2009), “International Festival of Experimental Theatre in Cairo”(Egypt), “Alekton theatre”, etc. Supported by the Greek Ministry of Culture.
ODC…After Homer, prod. By the Greek Ministry of Culture and the Arts Council, U.K. Performed at: Opera of Cairo (7/5/2002 & 8/5/2002) (Egypt), «Edinburgh Festival 2002», C Venue (31/7/2002-25/8/2002), Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Alexandia (Egypt), Inauguration Ceremony, (22/10/2002 & 23/10/2002), Princeton University (6/4/2003) N. Jersey, (U.S.A.), Chashama Theatre, Broadway Avenue N. York, (U.S.A.)(15/4/2003-25/4/2003), Hoxton Hall, London (U.K.)ODC Ensemble has received acclaimed reviews internationally:
“Totally mad and mesmerizing... See it to believe it”. THE GUARDIAN; "fascinating, multi-media cubist experience. These guys are so cool you just want to hang out in the underworld with them" THREE WEEKS****;
"an outstanding performance with a truly interesting and refreshing approach.” BBC WORLDWIDE
OΔC Ensemble and ‘Vyrsodepseio’, a space for the Arts
Since March 2011, OΔC Ensemble has been based at their own venue, VYRSODEPSEIO - the biggest tannery of the Balkans in the 19th century. The company transformed it into a multi-stage, versatile space for contemporary performing arts.
OΔC Ensemble also commits to produce and co-produce the work of other artists and companies that share OΔC’s vision. Thanks to the immense dimensions of the space (2 floors, 3000 square meters in total) and to its equally huge potential, VYRSODEPSEIO is now turning into a platform for independent dance/music/theatre companies.
OΔC Ensemble has produced or co-produced more than 21 new performances, 10 music festivals, 1 international dance festival, several dance performances, 3 ongoing platforms that run throughout the year: dramaturgy workshops, performance workshops, technical workshops engaging 300 young participants 21 new performances, 10 music festivals 2 site specific festivals (3-day festivals with more than 200 artists per day and international attendance), 1 international dance festival, 2 dance festivals, more than 500 artists were supported to develop their arts practices, 2 visual art exhibitions, 1 architect platform.
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