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'Woyzeck Quartet' is a production of the Greek Festival of Athens, co-produced by
the Goethe Institute and performed with great success in the Festival buildings (12-
14 July 2012).

• It is a political performance based on Buchner's 'Woyzeck', with a reduced
cast of five actors (two Germans and three Greeks.) ‘Woyzeck Quartet’
challenges the idea of the European Union and the fight of banks over
politics. The performance addresses the actors not only as artists, but also as
citizens (ΠΟΛΙΤΕΣ) of the European Union allowing them the freedom of their
own political comments and adjustments to the original text.

• 'Woyzeck Quartet' is a performance based on G. Buchner's 'Woyzeck', but it
also incorporates a speech by Angela Merkel on the 'European project' and
the 'Economy of the housekeeping', and Georg Buchner's political manifest
"The messenger of Hessen" (Der Hessische Landbote).

• The performance takes the shape of a live concert. The performers join
forces in a post -punk band, sing operatically in original music score inspired
by Alban Berg’s ‘Wozzeck’, or, dance an extravagant tutti on «Wir Arme
Leute», meaning «We the poor people».

• The dramaturgy of the performance focuses on the main characters
(Woyzeck, Marie, Major Tambour, Sargent, Doctor, Budenbesitzer) and

events of the play and actors shift from being themselves to Buchner’s

• The performance was executed for the Greek audience in two languages,
Greek and German, without subtitles.

• The cast/The band:

Hendrik Arnst a main actor of the Volksbuhne, Berlin, in the role of Sargent (Hauptmann)
and Doctor.

Adrian Frieling as his translator-assistant as member of the band he plays the Theremin.
Argyris Xafis an acclaimed Greek actor with great musical skills in the role of Woyzeck. As
member of the group guitarist, vocals, harmonica, yukalele.

Photini Papadodima, a very physical actress also a jazz and opera singer, in the role of
Marie. In the band she plays the piano, guitar, vocals.

Tilemachos Moussas, also the composer of the performance, a guitarist and performer, in
the role of major-tambour. In the group he plays the guitar, loops and the musical saw.

All Greek actors run their own bands in Athens.