• An interactive installation / campaign to save the artists in the country that
invented theatre.

This is an open-call for support and collaboration with other European theatres
in order to alert & inform European audiences on the ongoing attack on Greek
culture. (97% unemployed actors -official rate-, a law issued by the Greek
dictators in the 70’s is back in issue causing the closing of at least 40 theatres
(!!) in Athens, including the famous "Theater Technis" etc., all art subsidies
is cut, the National Theatre is still “headless” without artistic director and the
Hellenic Festival has no budget...the list is long...too long for the country that
invented theatre!)

The project is supported by many Greek artists, can be further developed in

• How to realise this campaign? Through an interactive installation in the
shape of a hyper-capitalistic happening, where rather strange things are there
to be sold.

• This campaign is based on the project “Greece for sale” already realised
outside the THEATERHAUS GESSNERALLEE ZÜRICH, during period
24.11.2012 - 15.12.2012. Concept and realisation: Elli Papakonstatinou,
Martin Schick, Kiriakos Hadjiioannou, Anna K. Becker, in cooperation
with: Theaterhaus Gessnerallee, RESO Tanznetz Schweiz and the Art-space


A showcase: a detailed description of the realised project; this can work as a showcase:
GREECE FOR SALE was a hidden crowd funding project in order to finance/support the emerging art-venue VYRSODEPSIO in Athens in the shape of a hyper-capitalistic happening, where rather strange things are there to be sold.
In front of the entrance of Stall 6 at the THEATERHAUS GESSNERALLEE in Zurich there stood a little wooden house, called PERIPTERO (greek word for kiosque!). It was open daily during 3 hours and was selling a variety of products coming from or „made in“ Greece.
Meanwhile the kiosque had some interactive applications around the house: Karaoke-screen, Jukebox, Photo-board, lying chairs...
Also we investigated and used capitalist selling strategies as for example a recorded voice announcing promotions (“3 for 2, happy hour” etc.)
A Greek artist attended the kiosque during the whole period, informing audience on the condition of culture in Greece.
A handout explained the idea of CROWDFUNDING, that stands behind the kiosque and also presented the VYRSODEPSIO. It was important to communicate this transparently and in an authentic way!
How did it all start?
During the development of NOT MY PIECE, the Swiss dance company looked for a place to hold an audition in Athens, so they got to know VYRSODEPSEIO, a very new and upcoming culture place comparable to Gessneralle Zurich. The building used for cultural events and a team of motivated volunteers with a huge social network is standing behind, but there is almost no hope for support from state money.
That‘s how the idea appeared to dedicate the frame-program in Gessneralle to this project: gathering money together to support the further development of VYRSODEPSEIO. The project also represented an alternative way to generate capital.
Provocative aspects, which concerns the title as well as the mixture of products that are sold, are an artistic choice and meant to be eye catching, surprising, shocking and to raise discussions... 


In preparation we held an event in VYRSODEPSEIO to create some objects that we could sell: poems, sculptures, body-parts…whatever people brought in.
We also posted a job offer in a culture-magazine: „Looking for unemployed performer...“ etc. 


greek coffee, Ouzo (for the bar!)
some greek food... (i.e. greek pies) / cooking equipment (briki)
Olive-oil, Feta-cheese (products)
Stones, sand (original material)
Trash from the streets of Athens
Water from the aegean sea (Eau de la mer d‘égée)
Recipies from greek grand-mothers
Greek jokes
Organised travel offers: a place to sleep, a trip etc.
Greek classics: Prometheus etc...
Greek quotes and sayings / greek philosophy/phers
Hair, nails, blood, sweat etc. from greek performer
Artistic works: Paper, Books, DVD‘s, CD‘s, Photos
Souvenirs, flags
drawings from school
old photos
greek perfumes/flavors
dictionary with greek-international words
grek plants
a bottled fart
sperm? („The sperm bank is not bankrupt yet „)
translated starvation recipies
greek religion goods
children games
greek maps
clothes with ‚i love greece‘ concept
or: badges
solidarity slogans


Karaoke-machine with greek songs
Workshop: How to do traditional greek dances!?
Photo-board: see photo!
Little stage: selling short performances!?